Categories Hack Unlocking all Skins and Removing Ads Unlocking all Skins and Removing Ads, Have you ever wanted to change the way your avatar looks when playing Can it actually be done in the first place? Well, guess what, yes you can. There is actually a wide range of different skins that you can unlock to change your avatar. You can use these skins to look different from the other players.

In this article, we will cover different types of skins that you could unlock in, and how you can unlock them. Hopefully, you will get inspired and decide to change your avatar after reading this article.

Skin types

There are many types of skins that you can collect in From animals to vehicles, each skin has its own conditions to be unlocked.

Different skins in

Here are some of them:

  • Moose: you have to cover at least 10% of the gaming board only in one play. It means that other players cannot kill you.
  • Elephant: you have to cover at least 25% of the gaming board only in one play.
  • Giraffe: you have to cover at least 50% of the gaming board only in one play.
  • Hippo: you have to cover at least 80% of the gaming board only in one play.
  • Unicorn: you have to cover 100% of the gaming board only in one play. This might be hard but think about a unicorn as your avatar. How cool is that?
  • Cheeseburger: this is the easiest skin to unlock, as you only have to play at least once to unlock it.
  • Box truck: you need to play the game three days, meaning that you may log in and out of the game as long as you are checking in for three days in a row.
  • Airplane: instead of three days, you need to do it seven days in a row to unlock this skin.
  • Duck: you have to kill 10 players only in one play.
  • Pig: you have to kill 25 players only in one play.
  • Tank: you have to kill 50 players only in one play.

There are still many other skins that you could go for, like a car, police car, and mammoth. You can see the list in the game. The toughest one to unlock would probably be the police car skin, as you need to cover 50% of the gaming board without killing anyone in the process at all. While this may sound quite tricky, actually you could do this by waiting for the other players to kill each other. But you would need all the patience in the world though.

Remove Ads From removing Image
Removing Ads From

Free games and advertisements are two sides of a coin. You can not separate from each other. When we play free-to-play games, including, we should be ready to deal with advertisements that keep popping out from time to time. This is actually a normal thing. That is the only way the game developers could gain the money from after all. Nonetheless, many people may get disturbed by these advertisements. Not only that they compromise their playing rhythm, but also they consume their data plan.

In case you are looking for a way to lose these ads while playing, actually, you can simply turn on the airplane mode of your phone and continue playing. This will set you off of the internet and, as a result, the ads will disappear. But is an online game, so can this be done? Yes, it can. When you turn your internet off, the ones you will go against would be the artificial intelligence players instead of real humans. Want to know the best part? That does not reduce the sensation of going against tricky opponents! So, you still need to employ your best strategy to win the game.

Are You Ready to Conquer?

Have you decided which skin you want to apply to your avatar yet? Whichever you choose, be prepared to meet the requirements to unlock it. You can get unlock skins in below. Some might be trickier than others, but they will worth your effort. The best skins are the toughest ones to achieve after all. So, now you are ready to start your journey as the king of Good luck!


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Are you looking for a way to win in 2 cheat? Then you have come to the right place. There are indeed many tips and tricks to play the game available out there, but only a few that really work. Mainly, those tips would require you to play with patience and intelligence. Well, while those two are indeed the most important factors for playing, there are actually more effective ones that will guarantee you the victory.
So, if you are ready to learn about it, then read on!

Game Tips and Tricks

Aim for other players’ territory.

This could guarantee you a better chance of getting the highest score in the game. This is because while you are expanding your own territory, you are reducing theirs at the same time. So, there would be constant change in both your score, with yours keeps on increasing and there keep on decreasing.

Crash the enemies inside your territory.

We all know that if we collide with an enemy head-on, both of us will instantly die. However, only a few of us know that actually if we can lure our enemies into our own territory and crash them there, only they will perish. You could actually use this opportunity to claim their territory to expand yours.

Game Tricks

  1. Learn about the colors involved in your game. This may sound simple, but in fact, there are many players who get lost when expanding their territory simply because they lost track of the color they are trying to build. As a result, they enter the enemy’s territory and got killed instantly by the enemy. What’s the bottom line? You need to be aware of your color all the time, and it would be even better to be aware of your enemies as well.
  2. Go slow but steady. Make sure that you do not leave your territory for too long. Remember that once an enemy catches you off guard and cut your tail, you are out. That being said, it would be much better for you to go slow and capture the area block by block. Do not try to capture a large area of the board at once, because it is much likely that someone will knock you down. Simply create a small square or circle and then quickly get back to your base. This will grant you a longer life in the game.
  3. Be careful not to hit your own tail though. It is just as bad as doing a suicide mission. Yes, you heard that right. Not only that you can be killed when an enemy crash on your tail, but when you hit your own as well. Hence the suicide mission.

How to Get some Fun?
  • Well, apart from trying to conquer the board and be the best, there are actually some milestones that you can go to get some fun in 2 cheat. These milestones may or may not affect your journey to become the winner of the game, but they are still fun anyway. Here are some of them:
  • Aim for the crown. Yes, the crown. Once you get the highest score in the game, you will find your avatar wearing a crown. It symbolizes it being the king of the board. While getting the highest score indeed should be your goal, after all, aiming for the crown could become an extra motivation for you while playing. It clearly shows who is the real boss.
  • Collect different skins. These skins may add uniqueness to your avatar. Want to know the best part? There are many different types of skin that you can collect! You can check the requirements that must be fulfilled to unlock each skin as you go through your skin collection. 2 Cheats Codes – Summary

In case you are still wondering how you could win the game easily, you can try to use the mod file we are providing in this link. This mod will grant you 100% progress instantly as well as unlock all skins for your avatar. So, you can explore all the possibilities that this game has to offer.

So, now it is your choice, whether you are willing to wait to win or you want to use the mod to win instantly. Any way you pick, 2 cheat is a game you cannot miss!


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This 2 Hack 2020 will Bring You Victory!

If you have already played by Voodoo, then you must be no stranger to the 2 hack 2020. This game is still being developed under the same studio. The rule of the game is also still the same; you are required to capture as much area of the gaming board as possible to win the game. Also, you shall not let anyone claim the area that you have captured. 2 hack 2020 image 2 hack 2020

Although it sounds pretty simple, in reality, it actually isn’t. There are many challenges that may restrain you from claiming your territory. No wonder this game becomes so popular as many people have been getting addicted to it ever since it was introduced. They always find a way to prove that they are the best of all.
Interestingly, more and more players start cheating or hacking the game using a powerful hack code. They would search everywhere on the internet to find the best code to win the game. If you are one of them, then you do not need to look anywhere else. We are providing you the link to the best code there is in this article. So sit back and enjoy it!

Gameplay 2 hack 2020 Gameplay

This 2 Hack 2020 will Bring You Victory;
Introducing you like a little square who is looking for expanding your territory. You will start the game with a small territory that you have claimed. Your job is to make that territory way bigger than before by keep moving your avatar back and forth. You need to start claiming the area and move back to your own to capture that area. This could be a great drawing experience! The bigger the area that you claim, the closer you are to the sweet victory.

What makes this game is harder than what you think is the fact that you are competing with the other players to win it. Yes, you read it right. There are other players who have the same objective as you do; to capture as many areas they can. As a result, you will have a battle with them to conquer the playing board. Space would be limited, so you need to either steal or lose your own territory to the other players.
To steal other players’ territory, you simply need to capture it. However, you need to be careful as a simple collision with an enemy will cost you your life. This also applies when another player hits the line you are drawing when you are trying to capture an area.

Why is it so Addictive?

This 2 Hack 2020 will Bring You Victory!
Many people are getting addicted to playing this simple game. If it is so simple to play, then why is it so addictive? The challenge lies in the battle with the other players. We have known for a long time that humans love to compete with each other only to show who is better. We believe that this is the very reason why players are willing to spend hours to build their own territory; simply because they want to become the best of all!

This competitiveness also becomes the very reason why more and more people now look for some 2 hack 2020 codes all over the internet. They want to get the easiest way possible to win the game because they do not want to be beaten by anyone in the process. What’s the bottom line? They just do not want to see anyone stand above them, that is all.
Want to know the best part? You can find a powerful hack code right here in this article! How cool is that? We understand that while you do not intend to cheat while playing the game, having a powerful backup when playing could be a great help for anyone. That is why we are providing you with the most powerful resource. All you need to do is to click this link and follow the instructions.

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Start Your Own!

Now that you have already learned about what 2 hack is and how to play the game, it is now your turn to establish your own empire. Just make sure that you keep everything safe as a simple mistake in applying your strategy may invite other players to crash your dream.


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Show Your Domination w/ 2 Hack!

Voodoo, the studio behind the popular game, has come with their next project. The game, called the 2 hack, builds on the popularity of its predecessor by providing similar playing experience to players. This game adopts the concept of domination. Players are required to dominate the game board using their color by constantly moving their cursor to conquer as much area as possible. To ensure victory, players will definitely look to have 100% domination over their enemies, although it surely is not an easy feat.

If you are looking for some tips and tricks for playing the game, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to win the game easily and conquer as much area as you possible. So, keep reading to find out!

First, Learn the Board

Video Source:

The main goal of this game is to conquer as many areas as possible to beat the other players. So, the first thing to do is certainly to learn the board of the game itself. You need to understand how big the board is and what possibilities you have when conquering the area. You need to move your cursor to a neutral space and move back to your own territory to capture that space. One must be careful though, as you may collide with the other players and make you die instantly. You cannot also let any player cut through the line you are making so that he does not get you out. Now, show Your Domination in 2 Hack!

Then, Create Your Own Strategy

To win in the hack, you have to have the right strategy. This is what you need to always keep in mind. The most common strategy is to capture a large area at once so that it is more likely that you will beat the other players. Nevertheless, you have to be careful not to let any other player from entering your territory and capture your area. What’s the bottom line? You need to make sure that your area is secure.
Another strategy that you may consider is not to make too many curves and turns while capturing your area. Every turn and curve may slow you down and enlarge your chance of getting cut off by the other players. So, make sure you make the least turn and curve as possible.

Be Aggressive

When playing games like 2, you need to be as aggressive as you could. This is not the time to use the wait and see approach, as the other players will surely cut you off. You need to be aggressive in both capturing and defending your territory, but mainly in conquering new areas. You can always enlarge your territory but not preventing the other players from entering your area.

However, you can look for ways to cut your enemies off instead of snipping their lines while they are off guard. This would allow you to conquer their territory and enlarge yours. This is an effective strategy to apply, but you need to be aggressive though. You should not also focus only on your own area throughout the game as you need to always be ready to cut off the other players’ territory in the process.

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Image Source:

Even though there are strategies that could be employed to win the game, sometimes people just look for a way to win instantly without a sweat. They look for any hack and cheat that would grant them an easy win. If you are one of them, then you can check out the 2 hacks that we provide in this link. The code will allow you to get unlimited resources and unlock all skins. Want to know the best part? The code gets updated regularly, so you do not need to worry about any failure when using it.

After learning about how to win in 2 hack, it is now your turn to practice the tips described in this article or use the hack code instead. It is all up to you. Be sure to always watch your back though, as other players will constantly look for ways to capture your territory. One thing for sure is that you should never be the one that is less aggressive than the others.


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This Hack will Help You Win the Game!

Unless you have been living under the rock, chances are you have already heard about a mobile game called This game is so challenging that more and more people are curious and decide to try playing it. When they do, many of them indeed get addicted to playing this game. The challenge of overtaking other players’ territories and making them their own has turned people crazy about the game.
If you have tried playing the game but still have not ever tasted the sweetness of victory while playing, do not worry. In this article, you will find some tips, tricks, and a hack code for the game. These tips and code will not only help you win the game but also doing it in style. Ready? Here we go.

About itself is a mobile game that has been released for both Android and iOS. The rule of the game is actually very simple; you only need to constantly move to capture as much area as possible and claim them as your own territory. However, it is not that simple in practice. You will face other players with the same aim as yours. What’s the bottom line? You have to battle those other players and come out victorious by claiming the most area of the playing board.

This battle against the other players indeed is the main attraction of the game. You are not playing against artificial intelligence with easily predicted moves or patterns. Instead, they are real players who have their own unpredictable tactics and strategies. Want to know the best part? You can come up with strategies of your own! So, it challenges More and more people and shows who is the boss.

Gameplay and Graphics

As briefly mentioned in the previous section, your job is to capture as many areas of the playing board as possible. You can do this by constantly move your avatar to capture the area and back to your territory to claim that area. Your area will be filled with a certain color that identifies the area as yours.

The challenge comes from the other players who will do their best to do the same thing. That said, it is important not to let any of your area to be captured by the other players. They could steal your territory by catching you off your line while you are trying to capture certain areas. Once they manage to steal your territory, its color will change into theirs. The good thing is, you can do exactly the same thing. So, not only that you need to focus on capturing new areas, but also stealing the territories of the other players and make them yours. This Hack will Help You Win the Game!

In terms of graphics, this game is quite pleasing although it does not offer advanced graphics in the first place. Nevertheless, for a strategic and fun game like this, even the slightest one will definitely do. You will territories and lines with different colors, each represents a different player on the board. The contrast between colors is also very clear. So, unless you are colorblind, you may easily tell which territory is yours and which one you should steal from the other players. Hack hacks img hacks Image source:

Although the rule of playing in hack is clear and very easy to understand, sometimes we just want to have an easier way to conquer the game without having to sweat. In this case, there are many websites out there that discuss the easiest way to win the game. Some even offer the hack code or modified APK for winning the battle easily. If you are one of those who look for a hack code for the game, you are in the right place. You can find the hack code in this link.
So, we have told you everything you need to know about this hack game. We are also providing you with a hack code that could help you win the game instantly. Now, it is your turn to start playing and claiming your victory on the battlefield.